Getting to Know Will

Loan Box

Our loan box is designed to complement our digital workshop Getting to Know Will.

Suitable for Key Stage 2

Includes downloadable resources and activities

These resource boxes are full of exciting activities and objects!

They include quills and ink for your children to practise writing Tudor style, the equipment to make lavender bags to ward off the plague, some replica Elizabethan and Jacobean coins for your children to examine under a magnifying glass, coin rubbing resources, facsimile copies of Shakespeare’s will and replica artefacts.

Our loan box is designed to be a follow up to our Getting to Know Will online course.

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Booking your loan box

Loan boxes are available to hire for one month.

There is an additional charge for delivery and collection from your school.

We also offer 10% off the price of the loan box to all schools with an active Digital Learning Membership.

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Our Primary Learning Team

The Primary Learning Team are all experienced and passionate teachers and educators.

Their expertise lies behind the national celebration of Shakespeare Week in primary schools as well as the Trust’s award winning schools’ programme.

The team’s work introduces young children to the world and works of Shakespeare, bringing it alive with positive, memorable and immersive experiences.

£100 plus delivery charge (covering delivery to and collection from your site)

10% off for all Digital Learning Membership schools

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