Digital Set-Text

The Tempest

Looking for a short, sharp dose of expertise, engagement, and enthusiasm to bridge the gap in your students’ understanding of Shakespeare at A Level? Our Shakespeare experts can help support your classroom learning with our Digital Set-Text.

Suitable for Key Stage 5

Includes pre-recorded materials

For an additional £150 one of our lecturers will join your class LIVE online to respond to student questions.

The 45-minute illustrated video talk is packed full of useful information and analysis on your set-text, covering historical, social, cultural and literary contexts, theatrical interpretative choices, and critical reception which your students can process at their own speed, watch again, dissect, and reference as you progress through the play in class.

Our Digital Set-Text Talks address all assessment objectives and include:

  • detailed discussion of ways in which language, form and structure shape meanings
  • quotations and references placing passages in wider text
  • discussion of key concepts, relationships and themes
  • exploration of the significance and influence of social and theatrical contexts
  • informed, personal and creative responses supported with textual evidence

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Accessing our online course

Once you have purchased your course, you can watch the pre-recorded material with your class.

You will have access to the content of the course for four weeks. Please read our full terms and conditions here.

For an additional fee you can book a 45 minute live question and answer session for your students as a follow up to the pre-recorded material.

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"Passion and enthusiasm of lecturers was infectious. Warm and encouraging interaction."


Your Shakespeare Expert

Dr Darren Freebury-Jones’s research interests include early modern attribution studies, digital approaches to examining drama, and intertextuality. His doctoral thesis examined Thomas Kyd’s influence on Shakespeare’s early work and he is one of the editors for the first edition of Kyd’s collected works since 1901.

He has also investigated the boundaries of John Marston’s dramatic corpus as part of the Oxford Marston project. His recent and forthcoming work on the plays of authors such as Shakespeare, Kyd, Lyly, Marlowe, Peele, Nashe, Marston, Dekker, Fletcher, and others can be found in a range of peer-reviewed journals.

How it works

Part One: Set-Text Digital Talk

Our lively pre-recorded 45 minute illustrated talks on the set-text of your choice feature an engaging expert lecturer who will:

  • discuss the play in context (historical, social, cultural, literary and theatrical)
  • explore critical issues
  • identify quotes to help build arguments
  • focus on stagecraft and Shakespeare's craftsmanship
  • leave students with questions to explore

After viewing your class will identify questions and topics they wish to pick-up and discuss further during the LIVE lecturer engagement discussion.

"It really did enthuse the students at a time when they feel particularly challenged by this Covid-year."


Part Two: LIVE Lecturer Engagement

For an additional £150 one of our Lecturers joins your class LIVE online to respond to student questions and stimulate discussion and debate. Our experienced educators will:

  • analyse and annotate an extract on screen
  • inspire students to share thoughts and ideas
  • support and encourage your students' opinions
  • challenge your students with alternative viewpoints
  • respond to student questions submitted in advance and during the session

(You can schedule the Live Lecturer Engagement for a time and date of your convenience)

Course structure

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  Video Set Text Talk on The Tempest
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
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£150 for access to this course

£150 for add-on virtual question and answer session

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